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Mykonos Island

Activities & Beaches

Mykonos Shopping & Nightlife


Mykonos Island

Mykonos Island, the jewel of the Cyclades group with its dream beaches and international reputation. Mykonos is famous for its superb landscapes, its traditionally whitewashed buildings, its windmills, small churches and picturesque harbours, where fishing boats are moored next to the luxury yachts of the jet set.

But it is mostly known for its most sophisticated nightlife and extraordinary sandy beaches; Mykonos Island never sleeps. Its azure seawaters and endless beach parties have made it famous around the world. Sit back, enjoy the cocktail and live the ride!

History & Culture

Less prominent in antiquity as the poor relation of Delos, Mykonos Island Greece was once an impoverished Athenian colony. These shifting tides of poverty and wealth, of isolation and inundation, created a tolerant and progressive race. Their notorious hospitality hastened Mykonos' evolution into the playground of the rich and famous. Gradually, archaeologists and intellectuals en route to the ancient site at Delos began to recognise Mykonos in its own right. Artists came for the architecture - le Corbusier once said that, unless you had seen the houses of Mykonos, you could not pretend to be an architect. Poets praised the dazzling light. And the locals charmed everyone, with their easygoing generosity. By the early 1970s, the free-spirited and fun-loving Mykonians, had attracted a large style-conscious crowd to the island. Today, Mykonos is still undoubtedly the best-dressed island in Greece.

Explore Mykonos


Located on the islands’ western harbour, the "Chora" of Mykonos is a very beautiful old island town, which in the past had its own merchant fleet. Today miraculously, it maintains a balance between tourism-related development and the preservation of its very picturesque features.

There are whitewashed houses, proud windmills, a multitude of chapels, busy back streets with balconies full of flowers and a multicoloured fleet of fishing boats in the port. In the background is the Paraportiani Church; alongside it, sea-washed "Little Venice". After sunset, everything changes: crowds throng this luxurious marketplace and the restaurants, bars and discos consign the tiny town to the pleasures and the different rhythm of the night.


One of the most eastern sides of the island, a tranquil village in the midst of farms, Ano Mera is a lovely locale, known for its excellent taverns. It is ideal for bicycling and hiking, and there are beaches nearby for swimming and water-sports.


Delos Island was the refuge where Leto gave birth to Apollo and Artemis, while being chased by the jealous Zeus. The island was first settled, probably by the Kares, about the 3rd millennium B.C. In the beginning of the 8th century B.C., it developed into a center of worship and was the capital city of an amphictyony of Aegean island. As a result of the second purification (426 B.C.), the entire contents of all the islands graves were removed to neighbouring Rhenia. Afterwards, in order to prevent desecration of the sanctuary, both births and deaths were forbidden on the island of Apollo. Delos achieved its independence and developed commercially. During the Roman period, the island thrived, until 88 B.C., the population in Italians. Then, after two dreadful attacks during the Mithridatic War, Delos went into decline and was finally abandoned in the 6th century A.D.


Located alongside the harbour excavation of the “Pit of Purification” (dating from the 5th century B.C.) and the necropolis of Rhenia. There is a large collection of vessels especially represented of Cycladic ceramics dating from the Geometric period until the 6th cent. B.C. Also, on exhibit, there are wonderful black and red figure pots and diverse finds, including Hellenistic period gravestones and other sculptures. Among the finds from Mykonos, especially impressive is the “Pithos of Mykonos”: a large jar, (made in a workshop on Tinos the 7th cent. B.C.) richly decorated with zones of bas-relief depicting various scenes from the Trojan War (the central composition shows Achaean warriors with the Trojan Horse). Open 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., daily except Monday and major public holidays.


The Folklore Museum is located in an old, two-storey, captain’s house near the Paraportiani church. There are six main exhibition halls whith collections of antique furniture, Byzantine icons, Folklore ceramics, historical commemorative plates, decorative prints and gravures, as well as embroidered and hard-woven fabrics, locks and keys, weights and measures, a collection of model boats and other historical artefacts. There are also import archives of manuscripts and printed material, photographs, maps and a significant library. Open from April to October 4:30 to 8:30 p.m. daily except Sundays.


Lena's House is an elegant re-creation of a 19th-century Mykonian residence, close to the Three Wells.


It can be visited by prior arrangement. At the Mono Ena gallery and shop in Little Venice, Marina Petri organises readings, cultural events, and exhibitions of contemporary art.


Most revellers tend to leave the cultural life of Mykonos undiscovered - the three Art galleries, The Municipal Library, the Fine Arts School, the four museums. The soul of Mykonos is not so much in the pulsing, labyrinthine cobbled pathways of the main town, but in the island's interior and its villages. The spiritual focal point is the shadowy 18th-century monastery of Panaghia Tourliani.

Activities & Beaches in Mykonos

Sports & Activities

Mykonos is the most famous tourist island in the Eastern Mediterranean and certainly the most cosmopolitan among the Cyclades, something which is not just by chance. Mykonos (which actually is a part of small group of islands, together with Delos, Rhenia and various rocky islets) easily captures the visitors interest, thanks to the great variety of choices offer here.

There is something for everyone, whether one is demanding or unprepared a night owl, a typical world traveller or a nature lover; “holidays” here can mean anything from the most peaceful relaxation to the wildest partying.

Most Popular Activities:
- Fishing caiques & private water taxis to island beaches
- Scuba
- Watersports
- Jeep safari
- Jogging
- Fishing
- Horse riding
- Spa

Mykonos Beaches

As long as the sun is shining, the island’s greatest attractions are the many beautiful beaches and the clean blue-green sea. Locations that are easily accessible by public transportation or "far from the madding crowd"; family style beaches or those frequented mainly by wind-surfers – or flocks of nudists.

Along the Mykonos southern coast you will discover a great selection of the most cosmopolitan Mykonos beaches. Fist of all, the beach of the the hotel Megali Ammos, which idyllic setting for couples and families to relax and enjoy the sunset. Paradise and Super Paradise are famous for the all-day long parties & music festivals. Ornos and world-famous Psarou are favorite spots. Visit Platis Yalos a very well organized beach where you can spend lazy days under the Mykonian sun. Finally, along Mykonos northern coast you will find beatiful beaches like Agia Anna, Houlakia, Kapari, Agrari and Agios Stefanos.

Mykonos Shopping & Nightlife

High street brands, jewel houses with little treasures inside, furniture stores, small souvenir shops there is something for everyone! It’s impossible to compare shopping in Mykonos with any other town because the local atmosphere makes the difference. Imagine clothes and accessories of famous designers like Christian Dior or Donna Karan presented against the white-washed walls of Mykonos!

Matogianni Street, the most commercial street of Chora, is surrounded by small shops that despite their small exteriors are an Alladin’s cave of Greek & foreign jewellery houses, clothes, shoes, underwear, handbags, accessories, cosmetics etc. Mykonos art galleries open their doors every summer to welcome the art-lovers.

Mykonos Nightlife

An island that never sleeps! Day and night, Mykonos glitters like a finely polished jewel. Movie stars and magnates mingle with weekend clubbers in Mykonos Town’s warren of white-washed passages as casually as the shiny yachts bobbing on the surf next to the brightly painted fishing boats strung with yellow nets. An island of opposites, the austere lines of its traditional architecture conceal opulent interiors of holiday villas owned by jet-setting pop stars and millionaires. The social whirlwind of the beach parties and nightlife vibrates against the tranquility of remote, secluded coves.The frenzy rhythms of the famous cosmopolitan bars and clubs of the island may carry you away in an endless spree until the rising of the sun. There are no strict dress code rules as to end up dancing in some of the historic clubs of Chora with your swimsuit and sunglasses!

Mykonos Island Greece is the perfect getaway: somewhere you can find yourself as easily as you can lose yourself in the crowd. And there’s only one place where these two worlds meet: Mykonos Beach Hotel. Set on a bluff overlooking the gold-tinged sand of the world-famous beach at Megali Ammos, the resort is perfectly poised between the island’s two worlds – secluded, yet close enough to town for you to join the party minutes after the urge strikes.


Mykonos Beach Hotel is a traditional Cycladic style bungalow complex whis is spread across the hillside of Megali Ammos beach overlooking the Aegean Sea. It is suitably located within a 15 minute drive from both seaports and main airport and a short 10 minute walk from Mykonos Town and the transportation center for all beaches. The location affords our guests the convenience of walking to town for entertainment, while retaining a quiet distance from the whispers of night life.

Mykonos Beach Hotel is poritioned so that every room has a balcony view of the Aegean Sea and sunlight throughout the day. During the evenings, the balcony views across the Aegean Sea offer a relaxing and romantic ocean sunset. Having the beach of Megali Ammos only a few meters down the hill provides a great option in case one likes to stay close to the hotel.

5 minute walk
from Mykonos town

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Great location and staff

This accommodation is fantastic! The staff are the most friendly and welcoming hosts I've ever experienced! Excellent location, 2mins from the city and clean rooms/hotel. I've stayed in hotels from 1* to 5* it truly is nice to see their staff so happy and people focus, not task focus! I would definitely stay here again!

Fabulous Hotel

My partner and I stayed here for 10 nights in September 2016 and had such a lovely holiday. The hotel is fabulous- spotless, friendly family-run atmosphere, great location as walking distance to Mykonos town, quant bedrooms overlooking the sea and a beautiful infinity swimming pool. I genuinely can't fault anything about this hotel.
I will certainly be returning and our friends have now booked for 2017, I can't recommend enough ! Thank you for a wonderful holiday.

Wonderful Hotel

Me and my wife booked this hotel for a long weekend stay to attend a friends wedding. We had the pleasure of staying in the new suites just across from the lobby. They are fantastic. Spacious, clean and With a hot tub on the balcony. The staff were amazing, they were always on hand to help with any requests. Lastly the view for breakfast with perfect. I'll be staying here again, that's for sure

Excellent service

Marvelous staff especially Maria and Miltos Picked up us from the ferry Hotel is a bit dated but the staff won me over I forgot my iPhone charger there and they are shipping it to me All in all I recommend this hotel

We are super happy with our choice!!

The hotel is lovely. We stayed in October so prices were quite low - only 62 euros per night. The hotel provides transfer. The infinity pool with a bar is a lovely place to hang around the whole day. Rooms are typical, simple, clean with amazing views. We could admire sunset right from the bed! Bathrooms are spacious and clean. The beach is just across the road. Mykonos Town is a few minutes walk. We did not even rent a car - the place is so nice that we just stayed around :)

Great location and service

This hotel is at a great location. View is great. Pool area is nice. One tip. Go slightly off season. Traffic for driving is better. The hotel will arrange for a car for 35 euros. It probably will come with empty tank. Just fill with a couple of liters as the island isn't big. I made the mistake of filling it'll last the rest of the month! Breakfast is good. A relaxing stay.

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